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The Crew

The Crew

Sagar Sahay (Writer | Director | D0P | Editor): His dreams come in focus when he holds this thing called, “Camera”… He has done everything you can think of with it. Sagar Sahay is a wizard in the ever demanding market of entertainment. Over the years, he has familiarized himself with the nitty- gritty of market conditions and has a hawk’s eye for opportunity. To his credit stands an extensive portfolio of artwork that can mesmerize even the most critical eye. After acquiring the vocational degree in “Film & TV Production”, he has worked with top level crew of Films, Video Songs, TV Commercials, Corporate Films, TV Programs and Brand Campaigns.He has played the role of a Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer and Brand Manager for different projects. He is jack of all trades still manages to be the master of one- Direction. In September 2008, he shot his career’s first full length feature film which eventually made him the very first cinematographer and editor of a feature film shot on RED ONE in India. Currently he is working with Raconteur Media Pvt. Ltd. as the Creative Head. Today, he is the main brain behind “92P 372111″ which is one of his dream projects. It was conceptualized in 2010, when he was stuck in a traffic jam, in Delhi. Yes, it happens like this for him. Now you can well imagine the complexity and thrill you’ll encounter while watching this movie.


Sandeep Raj Shandilya (Music Director): Music sense is something which either you have or you don’t and fortunately he has it. Unlike today’s confused generation he is pretty confident and sure of what he has to do for the rest of his life. He leads by conviction that the work with critical appreciation has more worth than the work which brings plain fame. His eye for aesthetics, stimulating sense for sublime and a brilliance coupled with tech-savviness has endeared him to the team and the clients. People perceive him as a wonderful friend and a genuine advisor, which makes him a phenomenal teammate as he believes that the best results are achieved when your team becomes your family, your work station becomes your home and your work becomes fun.


Shivani Sinha (Chief Assistant Director): Shivani is a bubbling & inspired source of creativity. From Jaipur to Mumbai via Delhi- this route map reveal different flavors she carry in her persona. This tangy girl has totally dedicated herself to “Articulture”. She has done theatre plays, TV advertisements, acted in Tv soaps, got associated as an assistant director for different bollywood movies and a lot more to her credit. Her natural joyfulness keeps the team spirit high and brings home to the team an original waviness. People admire her for being a well behaved, responsible and an adoring person.



Saankrit (Script Editor & 1st Assistant Director): He has played many roles behind the scenes over the last few years. He was Assistant Director of reality shows like SHAADI 3 CRORE KI.. ,POKER FACE, AAJA MAHI VAY for channels like Imagine TV, REAL TV & STAR PLUS respectievely. He has also served as Assistant Producer in IPTV IOLNETCOMM.. Project ’372111′ is very special to him and he has enjoyed the chance to learn a new aspect of the entertainment i.e. Films and has enjoyed working with this cast.


Sourav Patidar (2nd unit DoP) Sourav Patidar – Content Coming Soon.


Jyoti Prabha One thing she was told by her father in her childhood became her life mantra – “Everything in this world is yours, so just go and grab it.” Jyoti believes that true success is being happy with yourself, is being fulfilled. And that comes from devoting your time, your life, to do what you love the most”.The core of the success lies in knowing “what you want to do in life” and those who have triumphed at “figuring out” that issue should consider themselves “blessed”. So after trying out a lot of other options and discarding them one by one, she has finally recognized her ultimate passion- writing, which she will pursue for the rest of her life. From her roots in Punjab, where she grew up, Jyoti Prabha hitched her career aspirations to a star but that star is still far far away. But as people call it, life is a journey. So is hers- A journey to the stars.

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