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The Producers

The Producers

Raman Kapoor To practice any art is a way to make your soul grow and when art is unified with business it provides an opportunity to give a hand in the growth of your associates too. Art is a part of show business, the business of building entertainment. This is what Raman Kapoor lives by. Suave, sophisticated and eloquent, Mr Raman Kapoor is a businessman by mind and an art lover at heart. Although Mr Raman Kapoor had many business holdings over the years, he is best known in Germany as the owner of “Superama”. After ruling the European market in carpet business for years, he is home and now is the time to accomplish some uncherished dreams. Possessor of an extraordinarily rich voice, he has more than 35 rockin n sufi music numbers so far to his credit. He has already proved himself as a singer, actor and a film producer. Switching tracks at this stage when people think of retirement requires real passion. Thus, instead of hanging his boots in the corner he wore a new pair to run even faster. After opening this door called showbiz, he encountered a whole new world of opportunities and fortunately he is endowed with all the skills it takes to be the “Entertainment Czar”. Raman Kapoor has a heart of gold but he is as tough as nails if you are on the other side. He is very big on loyalty, punctuality and friendship. He has earned a lot in long years of experience in diverse fields. Astute yet magnanimous, he leads by example.


Roshni Bishnoi After completing her baccalaureate in English Literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh in the year 1981, Roshni Bishnoi got married to a Delhi-based businessman. Roshni has been given all the good things life could possibly offer her: a lavish home, worthy children, great comforts, distinguishing artistic taste and exposure to contemporary culture. In Roshni Bishnoi’s approach to life, success isn’t money, prestige, or power as net worth never defines self worth. It’s about doing what you love the most. Her first priority has always been her family and now, with her children grown up and making their way in their own professions, she has decided to play the second innings of her life to the hilt. Gifted with an entrepreneurial prowess, Roshni had innumerable passions to explore but her enduring affinity for films topped her “options list”. Following her heart, she is all ready to make a mark in the entertainment world. Considering herself “tremendously blessed” to have a family which is supportive of her future enterprise and travails, she endeavors to do her level best to fulfill her potential. Possessing a creative bent of mind, this project energized her to take the plunge & be part of this venture; the concept & emotional angle of the “Rs.10 note” story intrigued her enough to participate and contribute substantially. This is her first project but certainly not the last…


Sagar Sahay His dreams come in focus when he holds this thing called, “Camera”… He has done everything you can think of with it. Sagar Sahay is a wizard in the ever demanding market of entertainment. Over the years, he has familiarized himself with the nitty- gritty of market conditions and has a hawk’s eye for opportunity. To his credit stands an extensive portfolio of artwork that can mesmerize even the most critical eye. After acquiring the vocational degree in “Film & TV Production”, he has worked with top level crew of Films, Video Songs, TV Commercials, Corporate Films, TV Programs and Brand Campaigns.He has played the role of a Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer and Brand Manager for different projects. He is jack of all trades still manages to be the master of one- Direction. In September 2008, he shot his career’s first full length feature film which eventually made him the very first cinematographer and editor of a feature film shot on RED ONE in India. Currently he is working with Raconteur Media Pvt. Ltd. as the Creative Head. Today, he is the main brain behind “92P 372111″ which is one of his dream projects. It was conceptualized in 2010, when he was stuck in a traffic jam, in Delhi. Yes, it happens like this for him. Now you can well imagine the complexity and thrill you’ll encounter while watching this movie.


Sudip Chakravorty (Co-Producer) Having guts to do what you love is not an easy task but a real man’s play and here we have a well settled software professional from Virginia, USA. Basically from Ranchi, Sudip Chakrovorty, is an absolute passionate guy who wants to taste every bit of this amazing life. After carving a niche in IT profession and sipping water of different countries, now he is all set to raise his toast for film making. Today nearly everyone watch movies but only a few study and appreciate it as a higher form of art. And even fewer have the nerve to be filmmakers/Producers. Before this, to satisfy his artistic buds, Sudip used to play musical instruments for a music band and those performances turned out to be concert winning. Now he wants to have more of it and what could be better than filmmaking. Indian filmmaking is more than plain story inact. It incorporates every form of art you can think of (moulded in its film frame). Its like an addiction. Enough is never enough in it. Now Sudip is addicted too.  As a Software Professional and producer – Sudip is following his joy, big-time.


Shivani Sinha Co-Producer (Founder: Saagar Sahay Concepts). With a sheer vision of venturing into film and TV Production, Shivani Sinha has got experience of both sides of camera. With a Diploma in Film & Television Production, she has produced number of Short Films, Television Commercials, Documentaries, Informercials and Music Videos. And now she is working as Executive Producer in three Hindi Feature Films.

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